Missed Lessons: Credits for missed lessons will no longer be provided. To be eligible for a makeup lesson, a 24-hour notice is required, except in cases of illness or family bereavement.

Makeup Lessons: Makeup lessons will be offered once a month on a designated Saturday. If you are unable to attend the scheduled makeup session, a virtual makeup lesson will be arranged.

Lesson Fee: The monthly fee for lessons will be increasing to $140.00.

Payment Schedule: Payment for monthly lessons is due on the first lesson of each month. Accepted forms of payment include credit cards, cash, and checks. Please note that lessons are charged on a monthly basis.

Holiday Schedule: Lessons will not be conducted on observed holidays, including New Year’s Day, Spring Break, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Break, and Christmas Break. No makeups or credits will be provided for these lessons.

Punctuality: Students are expected to arrive on time for their scheduled lessons. Late arrivals may result in a shortened lesson to avoid inconveniencing other students.

Termination or Withdrawal: If a student decides to discontinue lessons, 30 days advance notice is required. Refunds will not be given.The instructor reserves the right to terminate lessons in case of consistent non-payment, disruptive behavior, or any violation of the established policies.

Materials and Extra Music: Some of the required materials for lessons have experienced price increases. For details on the “Price List for Materials Required,” please refer to the provided document. Any additional music beyond the required materials provided by DaCat Music will incur an extra charge. Students may bring in their desired music, ensuring it aligns with the correct key and level. Extra music can be purchased at Musicnotes.com. For students needing assistance in selecting the appropriate key or level, I can acquire the music at an additional fee.