Music Theory

Music Theory

At the heart of music is music theory. For students who want to be fluent in the language of music, and perhaps even seek a career in music, music theory is critical. By incorporating theory into songwriting and guitar/piano lessons, as well as teaching theory as its own independent subject, I help students become even more well-rounded in their musical abilities.

Songwriting, guitar/piano lessons, and music theory instruction is customized for each of my students. By developing their own musical personalities while learning critical aspects of their topics of instruction, students become even more well-rounded. Since students learn at different paces and has different goals, I make sure that students get a solid foundation in basic music while tailoring other areas of instruction to meet their needs. I feel that my role is to help students find their voices and place their character into the music they make, not to put that talent inside a box. Students learn how to carry on through missed notes and embrace imperfection as they strive to develop and enhance their musical careers.

Music Theory: Private Tutoring And Instruction:

3 Month

$ 160
  • 4 half hour sessions a month

6 Month

$ 150
  • 4 half hour sessions per month

12 Month

$ 130
  • 4 half hour sessions per month