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Music Production

Learn Music From The Core & Become A Master

About us

Cathy Linda Baldwin is the owner of DaCat Music and Publishing. She has a Bachelor of Music from the University of North Texas where she studied both Classical and Jazz Guitar and Piano and Voice. She has written songs for a number of years and performed both originals and covers….

What Our Students Say

Music class sparks my creativity and connects me with others through shared melodies. Playing instruments and performing together is a source of pure joy and confidence-building. It's not just a class; it's where I find my harmonious escape

Why Music?

First and foremost, learning to play an instrument or sing helps to develop a person's creativity, self-expression, and confidence. Music also has been shown to enhance cognitive abilities such as memory, language, and reasoning skills. Additionally, music lessons provide a unique opportunity for social interaction and community involvement through participation in ensembles, choirs, or bands. Music education can also lead to lifelong enjoyment and appreciation of the arts. Whether pursuing a career in music or simply playing for personal fulfillment, music lessons can provide invaluable benefits that extend far beyond the classroom.