“I have worked with Cathy on songs I have written on more than one occasion. She has been very helpful offering insight and suggestions that have helped me identify strengths and pull ideas from one spot to further build another. I enjoy working with Cathy and look forward to future success with DaCat Publishing.” – John Ray

Cathy Baldwin of DaCat Music has done an outstanding job of assisting me with the “ins and outs” of the music publishing business. Her expertise in helping me get my music out there has been invaluable. Not to mention her keen insight into the elements that make a song better and more marketable.
– Rick Ritz

If any former piano student can say that he or she is not only positively influenced, but also financially benefiting from lessons from a piano teacher more than two decades forward, that piano teacher is the one from whom any student should take lessons. Cathy Baldwin, with her upbeat and encouraging personality, was very attentive to every aspect of my development as a young musician at the age of 13.


The challenge of teaching a student who had begun a few years earlier playing by ear was one that Cathy embraced with a comprehensive interest in balancing my creative traits with a focus in learning and implementing the fundamentals of piano performance, practice and theory. She has worked with various age levels over many years and has proven to be outstanding at customizing an individual curriculum towards the present skill set of any given student at the onset of becoming his or her teacher. I would highly recommend Cathy as a piano teacher for anyone, at any level.
– Trey Pope